Sunday, 5 January 2014

Youtube discovery: Part Two.

Here's the second part of this little series which is going on at the moment. It's a little review of a new brand which I have discovered thanks to the wonder that is Youtube and all the lovely people who chat and give you tips on general stuff and life. The grand discovery was the American brand Sinful Colors which until now I haven't reviewed. This nail polish makes the last bright colour by Sinful Colors seem pale and boring as this one is crazy...
Just look at the amount of glitter! It certainly lives up to the name of the polish - Nail Junkie. There are many different colours of glitter in this nail polish which include blue, purple, silver and possibly green. Only downside at the first coat was that the nail polish itself isn't very opaque as you see here:

The upside here is that the nail polish brush is brilliant combined with the thickness of the polish itself means that the glitter is well distributed so there's not areas of loads of glitter and other areas with nothing else. Here's the second coat:

A little bit better with the second coat, but as I am a total glitter addict there's going to be a third coat!

That is definitely the nail varnish for a nail varnish junkie! Also definitely for a glitter junkie! Another brilliant nail polish from Sinful Colors, only one more left in the mini-series about Sinful Colors which is a sad thing...

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