Thursday, 9 January 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: Pink!

Afternoon everyone! I am going to participate in a nail blog challenge which is a first for this little blog. Additionally there will be another first of using the nail art brushes I ordered, as I was originally going to wait until all of the nail art stuff had arrived but I just couldn't help myself. Oops! The whole idea of Golden Oldie Thursday is to sift through the collection and dust off old polishes that are still useful and really cool, this gets a thumbs up from my blog.
This week is 270 Hot Shot by Rimmel, I not really sure how old it is but it's the oldest pink I have used on my nails as I don't actually own it, it's my older sister's.

Even though it's possibly a few years old, a bit gloopy to apply but still a lovely rich pink on the nails. It's lovely and glossy as a polish probably due to the fact that it's from Rimmel which are always on top form. Sadly possibly this may not be used again seeing as mentioned earlier it's a tad gloopy to apply...
Here's the second part of this little post, the first attempt at a nail art as the nail art brushes arrived this afternoon. (It's not to fancy.) Seeing as silver goes with basically everything, the layer over the top is silver and it's got silver glitter as well. (Too much of a glitter addict!)

Looking good for an attempt at nail art. Sorry about the poorer quality photographs but my good hand didn't go so well so it had to be the other hand... These are the additional nail polishes used:
Overall I am quite pleased with this attempt, but I promise I'll swat up on the techniques before the next post so they are absolutely perfect. (Just kidding, but hopefully better than this one.) See you soon!


  1. pretty. My polish was thick and goopy too, had to add some thinners before I could use it! :)

    1. Thanks! I'll try thinners instead of polish remover :)



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