Friday, 24 January 2014

This is a little different.

Usually all this little posts are rants and raves of how much a product of nail polish has gone down so well on my little nails. However this post is a little different as it's not about a nail polish - shock horror! But you will be relieved when you find out what it is and that it's still a nail polish related product. Follow me and see...

Suspense is building and it been revealed...  a nail polish remover! Seeing as my nail are always painted for the reviews on this little blog, removing them afterwards is the down part as it's a bore and normally takes for ever and ever. But thanks to this little thing which was found in a local beauty store it now takes seconds to remove. (Except glitter nail varnish, it doesn't do that sadly...)
It's this sponge inside a pot full of nail polish remover - a little bright in colour, where you put your nails in one-by-one then twist around for a while and your nail polish has gone. Without any little missed bits that you have to do again. Jump for joy its so good!
That's how you do it. However this one is a little on the cheap side at 80p so it does tend to go a funky colour after a while, if you do have the proper branded bottle near you I'd recommend it instead of this non-brand. And if your a blogger I'd also recommend these as it takes the time out of doing your nails for little posts then having to remove them later for another. There you go for this post and I hope its a little helpful.



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