Saturday, 18 January 2014

Colour in a minute!

Yes it's another nail polish review! But this colour is amazing and also there is a severe lacking in nail art skill at the moment as proved from my last nail art post... I am ashamed to say that this nail polish was purchased a while back and has never been tried or tested up until now seeing as I was probably more interested in other nail polishes (they may have been magnetic...) so here's the first try of this nail polish!

This isn't completely new to the collection seeing as there are nail polishes from the same brand which came out well when tested apart from a few streaks. But the colour is fantastic so I decided to take the plunge. By NYC In A Minute, this one is called Wet With Passion which is quite fitting seeing as it's such as passionate purple in colour.

Now the colour doesn't really stand out at this point as it's only the first layer of the nail polish, therefore there will be a few more layers so that the colour comes out. Applying the nail polish with the brush it came with was brilliant as it's a small slightly widened brush, making it easy to apply nice neat layers of polish. The solution is slightly runnier than expected but still went on well.

Looking much better, but still needs improving which means effort in applying a third layer to the nails...

Now that's a rich and passionate colour on the nails! It's nice and purple in colour but not a dark purple or a near pink which can sometimes happen with purple nail polishes especially with cheap polishes, making this one an exception to the rule seeing as it was only £1.79 to buy from the high street. I think I may have to be trying some more so that they can appear on the blog.... (that's the newest excuse to buy new polishes!)


  1. That colour is stunning, I might have to add it to my own collection very soon. Thanx x

    1. It is a fabulous colour, and probably a steal at £1.79!



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