Thursday, 30 January 2014

GOT Challenge: Dots

Here I am again with a new week's GOT challenge under the title of dots which was pretty hard to put together seeing as it's the use of old nail polishes and the idea was to create a rainbow of dots. However my collection doesn't hold many old bold colours, therefore I'll show you the oldies first and then the addition back up colours. Is that okay? Hopefully not breaking the rules as I've never been a 'rulebreaker' to be truthful.

Square photographs didn't really seem right and this is the best editing I can do to get close to circles so they are in their own little bubbles. Base colour was Cloudy Grey by Maybelline, the golden oldie polishes are Hibiscus by Natural Collection which is really old and a cheaper polish seeing as that's what pocket money would stretch to and an unknown named polish by Miss Sporty which doesn't have a tag as it was purchased at a car boot sale (Really really old!). Finally the additional colours are Bright Purple by Barry M, Orange Attack by Maybelline Colour Show and 296 Water Street Blue by NYC. Right let's get started with the base coat.
I am starting to like the bubbles of photographs, I promise I wont get too attached to them.  Oh! Before I forget the reason the base colour isn't white is due to the fact that my collection currently doesn't hold a white nail polish.There is a lot going on in this post today, edited photographs and a little movie. Don't get your hopes up too much though. Next stage then is adding the different dots therefore here's the film premiere...

Here's the finalised photographs also!

Rather dotty and spotty, possibly the grey base coat makes the other colours stand out even more as they are brighter colours? That's my idea anyway. It's a rather simple design but effective and quick to do, so if you have dotting tools or anything else that does the trick I'd give this one a whirl. It's easy to do with both hands also, therefore both as good as each other - always a plus.



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