Sunday, 19 January 2014

Just couldn't resist!

When I received the striping brushes I made a promise that I'd wait until all the nail art stuff ordered had arrived so that they could be used at the same time. However that didn't happen as they were used in the first GOT challenge, so I said that I'd wait for the last two items to arrive together but yet again that didn't happen.... Dotting tools arrived today and my nails are now dotted and spotted!

These are the Dotting Tools that I ordered which I got from Amazon which came when they said they would and are brilliant so far (A little shorter than expected as I thought they'd be pencil length but there a tad shorter!) as it's totally easy to put dots on your nails on both hands which is a total plus seeing as one hand is normally not as good as the other. For the base, a darker colour was needed but not too dark that the other colours wouldn't show up so 381 Jade Green by Rimmel Pro was chosen.
For the dots, it really needed to be many different colours and in random places so that if it went wrong on the first attempt it wouldn't look too bad I decided. Therefore all the dots are made up of these colours:
Which are; Bright Purple - Barry M, Orange Attack. - Maybelline Colour Show, Savage - Sinful Colors and 325 Hot Gossip - Rimmel Pro. Do you think it's a good combo? Maybe should of added a bright yellow seeing as there are all the other main colours, oh well. Here are the results of the dotting and spotting.

Pretty pleased seeing as it's artist nails which have gone better than I thought they would, the next design I would like to do is like a sunset with dots which I have seen on Youtube by a lovely blogger but I cant remember them - oops and sorry! But overall these nails are really simple to but you do need dotting tools, however there are things you can use from around the house to create this effect such as pins so there's no major need to purchase the tools as I told myself when buying them....


  1. So cute! I cant wait for my dotting tools to arrive :)

    1. They are really cool when you get them believe me and much easier than I thought they'd be to use!

  2. Dotting tools are a slippery slope...... I got mine almost two years ago and now there is rarely a week that I don't have dotty nails, LOL!!!!!! quick, easy and effective, best tool you will purchase.

    1. They are quite addictive - a lot of my friends have had manicures with them from me seeing as I wanted to test it so much!!!



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