Monday, 13 January 2014

Red Wine by Barry M

Now this lovely colour was added to the collection in present format probably because dark red is such a brilliant colour but this one isn't such an in your face bright red! It's much lighter but still opaque in colour when applied.

This nail varnish is called Red Wine which gives major hints as to the type of red colour it is. Additionally Red Wine would be brilliant colour to contrast with another Barry M which I currently own ... Blackberry! So here's the first layer that was applied:
Admittedly this doesn't look all that great a colour with just the first layer but I promise it gets better later on. Applying this nail polish was done with ease seeing as the solution was perfect for painting on as well as not taking too long to dry which can sometimes happen with Barry M. Also the brush was lovely to use as it wasn't too thin or thick, as I do tend to have a certain preference on nail polish brushes.

Didn't I say it would look way better with a second layer? The colour has definitely shone through now, as it's a darkish red but not so dark that it's nearly brown. As well as this after wearing it for a few days, it doesn't have major chippage either which is a pro to this Barry M nail varnish with no cons that come to mind
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  1. I would love to try Barry M nail polish, thanks for your review!

  2. This colour looks so nice! Great review! :)

  3. Thanks! The colour is fabulous, I'd recommend trying this one!



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